Henge Hill Tools offer a variety of hand-crafted traditional wooden planes for sale


As a chair-maker and cabinet-maker with over thirty years’ experience, I enjoy collecting antique tools. I prize them for their beauty and connection to the craftsmen of the past and – hey, they are useful for making chairs.  Over the years, I have incorporated the use of antique wooden planes in my work more and more. Several years ago, when I could not find a particular profile or find only one of what was originally a matched set of planes, I began to make my own planes. Now, I am offering my hand-crafted planes to other woodworkers. I wanted to stamp my planes with a traditional plane-maker's name stamp.  But, “Steven Thomas Bunn, Furniture-maker, Clockmaker and Plane-maker” is a bit of a mouthful. So I decided to stamp my planes with the brand Henge Hill Tools – the name of our farm.


Chair-maker Plane

This small, five inch long, round-bottomed compass plane is based on one I have used in my shop for over twenty years. It fits my hand comfortably and can be rolled to fit and follow even the tightest curves found on a seat saddle. I use my plane all day frequently shaping two or three seat saddles in the course of a day's work. Despite much use, I find that I only have to sharpen the blade one or two times a year. The blade can be set for a coarse cut – to hog out large shavings with ease. With the blade set for a finer shaving, I am able to clean up a seat to the point where I can jump directly into sanding the planed saddle.


The 1½ inch wide blade is made using O-1 Tool steel, bedded at 40 degrees. The blade's bevel is ground at 30 degrees.


The body of the plane is tiger maple with beech in-fill.  The plane is finished with tung oil varnish.


Price:  $145.00 plus shipping and handling.