stevenbunn Sun, 04/21/2019 - 17:12

Making and installing Ogee Feet on the Clock Case

Ogee pattern feet fitted to the base of the clock case.
This week I concentrated on fitting a panel to the front of the case's base, making and fitting base molding, and then making the ogee bracket feet. Gottschall's plans show a simple flat panel for the front of the base. I wanted to do something different. I ended up deciding to try a molded panel mounted in high relief that stands proud of the front frame. Alternatively I thought about doing a panel shaped like a beaver skin. You see this feature on a number of antique clocks. It intriques me, but I could only pick one of several options.
I used a block plane and several of my hollowing planes to shape an opee profile on a length of 1-1/2 inch thick pine. As simple as the basic molding profile is, the result when finished is striking to the eye. The bracket feet are glued and screwed to the underside of the case.
A few additional points I didn't include in last week's post.
When I work on a new design or prototype I frequently build things in pine. When I inevitably screw up it is less painful to ripe something off and start over. I started this project with the intent of improving my skills in making bracket feet, decorative quarter-round fluted turnings, and working with my collection of molding planes.
Thanks for stopping by, STB