stevenbunn Mon, 01/28/2019 - 20:01

Chair-maker Planes Listed on Ebay

One of my small chair-makers hand planes
I recently listed five of my latest batch of chair-maker planes for sale on Ebay. This plane is a must have tool for anyone wanting to make a Windsor chair. It performs the same task as a travisher, but in my opinion is easier to use, easily rolling in your hand to fit all the curves found in a chair seat. I use this plane to smooth the seat saddle after I have roughed out the saddle with a mallet and gouge. Made using maple and beech. The blade is made from O-1 tool steel which I have heat treated and tempered using a forge in my shop.
I have made hundreds of chair using a hand plane exactly like the one  pictured above. I ask $145.00 for each plane, plus shipping.
I have finalized my design for a larger sized chair-maker plane fitted with a tote. This version is roughly the size of a #2 bench plane. I have been working with several prototypes of this design now for about six years. Work with these prototypes has led me to pare down the plane in overall size and improve its performance to the point where I think the design is ready to introduce for sale. I am currently working on a batch of ten planes, sold under the imprint of Henge Hill Tools. These will also be listed on ebay when finished.
Thank you for dropping by. STB