stevenbunn Thu, 04/07/2016 - 07:49

Build a Shaker Work Bench


Locate the Garter Mortise


Set the bench screw in position against the rear jaw and mark the location of the garter. Cut a mortise in the underside of the rear jaw, wide enough for the garter. The garter mortise intersects the hole for the collar of the bench screw drilled through the wide faces of the rear jaw.
The garter mortise intersects with the two-inch dia. hole drilled in the rear jaw into which the bench screw seats. Driving the garter into it's mortise causes the fingers of the garter to  seat in the groove turned in the screw, locking the screw in the rear jaw. Leave the garter long so that you can get a clamp on it to tap it out if you ever need to. After the tailvise is fitted on the bench, I drill a hole in the inside face of the jaw and screw in a wood screw to keep the garter from falling out during use.