stevenbunn Sun, 04/03/2016 - 11:07

Build a Shaker Work Bench


Install the End Caps (Cont'd)


Thread the hole drilled in the tail vise end cap.
Before installing the right hand end cap on the work bench, a hole, through which the tail vise's bench screw passes, needs to be drilled. The hole then needs to be threaded to accept the threads cut into the shaft of the bench screw. In the photo above you can see marked out front and top faces of the end cap. The front, threaded end of the cap, is cut down in length and height so that the body of the tail vise can pass by and over the cap as the tail vise is opened and closed. A counter-sunk hole for a 4-inch lag bolt has already been drilled. The lag bolt once screwed in place holds the end cap in line with the front edge of the bench. Sliding dovetail keys hold the end cap on the bench, but allow the top to move freely. The rectangular hole cut through the end cap will house the sliding guide bar of the tailvise. The guide bar acts as an out-rigger and helps keep the tailvise from drooping and helps hold the vise in position as it is opened and closed.