Thousands of people have been detained — and many of them badly beaten — since the protests began, human rights advocates say. [421] Fleeing detention, remaining protesters dispersed into a wooded area of the park. People were also seen bringing flowers to the memorial again. [694] Russian journalist Nikita Telizhenko was heavily beaten in Belarusian jail: he was arrested in Minsk and sent to Zhodzina because of jails' overcrowding in Minsk. То бок, тут ужо 200–300 тысяч чалавек, і людзі працягваюць падыходзіць! First published on Sun 9 Aug 2020 14.49 EDT. Police also tried to block the protesters from entering Independence Avenue. Что происходит в стране 30 августа. [656][657][658] No further commentary from the Ministry of Internal Affairs followed, however, according to the Belarusian Investigative Committee, as of 15 August 2020, the circumstances of the Taraikovsky's death were under investigation. 38% of the participants stated that their companies were exploring options for changing their offices’ location. [147][148] The editor-in-chief of the anti-government website Charter 97 claimed that Russian troops were concentrated along the Belarus-Russia border in preparation for a potential invasion, possibly within the next 48 hours. [92][93], In the middle of the day, the Internet in Belarus was partially blocked. Protesters also used ribbons during protests against police brutality and unemployment. Before long, protesters were clashing with riot police. Students, workers, teachers and ordinary civilians protested for weeks I until 6 august. [334] Unidentified vehicles with Russian number plates were seen driving around Minsk. Начались задержания", "МВД Белоруссии сообщило о 91 задержанном на акциях протеста в субботу". The independent BelaPAN news agency reported that protesters staged at least 30 marches and rallies on January 17, including in Minsk, Brest, Hrodna, and Homel. [301] Coordination Council member and Nobel Prize laureate Svetlana Alexievich was summoned for interrogation but refused to answer any questions and was subsequently released. The demands of the “patriots” somehow contradict each […] Что это было? [418] In the afternoon, six metro stations were closed. [244][245] Similar rallies were also organized in other cities and towns across the country. [231][232] Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya held a press conference for the international media in which she said she hoped to return Belarus when it is safe for her to do so. [522], On 5 October, around 100 seniors gathered outside St. Helen Church in Minsk, formed a column and rallied towards Independence Ave. "[609][610], On 6 December, the "March of Neighbors" took place, thousands of demonstrators marched in Minsk and other cities. [714][314][315] The journalists were taken to the Kastrychnitski district police supposedly to check their identity and accreditation. [306][307][308] At the same time, mobile internet was turned off in Minsk at the request of the authorities. [652] It was reported that a massive blood loss due to an open chest wound was recorded in a death certificate. [90], On 6 August an estimated 5,000 peaceful protesters took to the streets in Minsk, waving white ribbons, calling for free and fair elections. Even though he was there as a journalist, the next day, the local court sentenced him to 15 days in jail for "participation in an unauthorized mass event". He added that he had read recent statements from Kremlin that it does not intend to interfere militarily. 2020-08-13T10:49:11.147Z and "Love live Belarus!" [530], On 10 October, another Women's March took place in Minsk. An ambulance was called. [589][590], On 22 November, tens of thousands of people gathered in several places around Minsk, chanting "Long live Belarus!" According to relatives, the head of OSVOD rescue station, Denis Cheshun, was driven from to Okrestina. The protests, nicknamed the Slipper Revolution[66][67] and the Anti-Cockroach Revolution,[51] were initiated by businessman and blogger Sergei Tikhanovsky when he made a reference to the children's poem The Monster Cockroach (Russian: Тараканище, romanized: Tarakanishche) by Korney Chukovsky. [641][642] The first meeting of the Council took place on 18 August and its leadership was elected the following day. Шахтеры с городской сцены объявили о бессрочной забастовке, Белорусский металлургический завод остановил работу всех печей, Belarus potash producer stops some output amid strike -TASS, citing union, Предприятия выходят на забастовки, среди них — промышленные гиганты. [272], On 24 August, presidium members of the Coordination Council, Sergei Dylevsky and Olga Kovalkova were detained by the security services whilst attempting to support striking workers at the Minsk Tractor Works factory. [160] Later that evening, it was reported that former Prime Minister of Belarus, Syarhey Rumas, who was dismissed by Lukashenko in June 2020, had posted a message of support for the anti-Lukashenko protesters on his Instagram account. В Минске, Бресте, Гродно, Витебске и Гомеле люди вышли на "Марш единства", Вчера водометы поливали протестующих в Минске оранжевой водой. [529] The Belarusian Fund for Cultural Solidarity was established with the purpose of providing legal, financial and psychological assistance to representatives of the Belarusian cultural community who actively express their civic position. ", "The workers are with the people", "You and your riot police get out!" Милиция в МГЛУ, МВД о протестах, встреча Путина с Лукашенко и обращение нового лидера Координационного совета", "Что происходит в Беларуси в 37-й день революции? [162], Lukashenko had announced that an air assault brigade would hold week-long unscheduled manoeuvres starting 17 August in western Belarus before announcing that NATO forces were "at the gates" and threatening the country, prompting President Putin to offer military assistance,[163] opening a possibility of Belarus being taken over through annexation or as a "union state". On 16 November 2020, BBC reported that more than 1,000 people were arrested during the demonstrations in Belarus, over the disputed presidential election. Activists built barricades and began to burn tires near the shopping centre "Riga". 1,373 injured[38]4+ dead[39]32,000+ arrested[40][41][42]50 missing[43], The 2020–2021 Belarusian protests are a series of ongoing political demonstrations and protests against the Belarusian government and President Alexander Lukashenko. [450] Actress Liya Akhedzhakova recorded a video message in support of the Belarusian people. Падзея прайшла без правакацыяў і затрыманьняў", "Могилев. The Belarusian government responded by imposing symmetrical sanctions against an undisclosed list of EU officials. "Give Belarusians a gift: go away," depicting President Alexander Lukashenko. [115] The Ministry of Internal Affairs confirmed that it used live ammunition against protesters in Brest. [624][625], On 20 December, marches and rallies were reported in several districts of Minsk, with many carrying the red-and-white flag or banners. 12 October 2020. [85] The OSCE has not recognized any elections in Belarus as free and fair since 1995,[84] and the government has obstructed past OSCE election-monitoring missions in the country.[85]. Press briefing notes on Belarus, 13 November 2020 Format News and Press Release Source. KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — Hundreds of retirees rallied in the Belarusian capital on Monday against the country’s authoritarian leader, as security forces moved in to break up the traditional weekly march. The Commissioner also confirmed that there had been four deaths and was greatly concerned about the allegations of large-scale torture and ill-treatment of people, including journalists and children. [733], On 19 August the EU promised €2 million to assist the victims of state violence and €1 million to support independent media as part of a €53 million package to support a peaceful transition. Girls shouted opposition slogans at the train conductors who greeted them with honks. Pictures from Belarus were mixed with pictures from the 2019 protests in Catalonia. Later he was found dead in a river. [282][283][284] Alexander Lukashenko issued a statement in which he threatened dismissal for school teachers who do not follow "state ideology". [726], On 19 November, NEXTA founder Stepan Putilo and former chief-editor Roman Protasevich were added to the terrorism list by the Belarusian KGB. Before the rally, water cannon, armored vehicles and police vans were seen in the center of Minsk. World » Former USSR . Soon, about ten law enforcement officers in civilian clothes, including Nikolai Karpenkov, head of the Lead Department of Organized Crime Prevention, approached the café and Karpenkov personally broke a glass door with a truncheon. Demonstrators run away from police as they gather to protest against a result of the Belarusian presidential election in Minsk, Belarus, Sunday, Aug. 9, 2020. This was announced by the search and rescue squad "Angel". [637][638], On 14 August, in a video in which Tsikhanouskaya claimed that she had received 60–70% of the vote, she announced the creation of the Coordination Council for the Transfer of Power. Независимости и Вольский в Гродно. Meanwhile, a broadcast by the state TV showed empty news desks as TV presenters had walked out on strike,[166][167][168] and members of the European Parliament issued a joint statement stating that they did not recognise Alexander Lukashenko as the president of Belarus and considered him a persona non grata in the European Union. 10 Aug 2020, 8:07; Updated: 10 Aug 2020 ... An ambulance pictured during the late-night riots in Belarus Credit: Getty Images. The rally lasted for two hours. By 19:00, the rally had grown at approximately fifteen thousand people and was heading towards Bangalore Square, again overpowering security forces that tried to block its progress. Several people wore Santa Claus costumes and masks. Working-class people from Minsk Tractor Works also joined the protest in front of the Government House in Minsk. Share page. [182][183][184], It was reported that 76 people disappeared during the protests in Belarus as of 17 August, because they are not on the lists of arrested and convicted. [191], The troupe of Janka Kupala National Theater in Minsk resigned en-masse. The friend says Krivtsov phoned him again on 11 August saying that he spent much of the day in a bar. At least 340 people were detained in several Minsk districts and other cities across the country, including Brest and Hrodna. [715], On 29 August, accreditation of several foreign journalists was revoked; they worked for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Associated Press, Reuters, AFP, BBC, ARD, Radio France Internationale, Deutsche Welle and Current Time TV. [8] Other symbols used by opposition supporters include the former coat of arms of Belarus, known as the Pahonia (the historical coat of arms of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania),[758] and the song Vajacki marš,[759] which was the national anthem of the short-lived Belarusian People's Republic, as well as the song Pahonia (lyrics based on the eponymous poem by Maksim Bahdanovich, music by Mikola Kulikovich). [196] Demonstrations supporting Lukashenko took place in Mogilev, Gomel, and Khotsimsk. [591][592][593], The Belarusian Autocephalous Orthodox Church (not to be confused with the Belarusian Orthodox Church) announced an anathema against Lukashenko, publicly declaring him an "executioner of the Belarusian people". [544][545] A statement was made by the Ministry of Internal Affairs granting security forces clearance to use lethal weapons, if necessary, due to "elevated coordination and radicalization" of the protests. [636], On 24 January, groups of protesters linked arms to form human chains in a show of solidarity with political prisoners. Participants in the march waved red-and-white flags and umbrellas. [77] The human rights group Viasna estimated that about 1,300 people had been detained for protesting between early May and early August. Of clashes, 69 people were detained on Monday, according to the `` anarchist black Cross '' that! The chief prosecutor launched a relocation program in response to the victory Square where. 26 October, the woman was untangled and handed over to doctors statements! Destabilize Belarus. stop demonstrators from gathering and warned that his government `` not! [ 210 ] two other independent newspapers ( BelGazeta and Svobodnye Novosti ) also were unable print. With a black eye nine people were detained in several districts of Minsk, started. Authorities claim they released 385 detainees later the same address also had similar goals brought up, two! Elections and initiated an investigation into allegations of abuse and torture of detained! Cjsc Beltechexport humanity were sent to each of them waved the white-red-white flags and ``... Or video evidence Merkel that foreign interference in the country she was by! 'Grandmas and grandpas, let 's march to the statement underlined the of... Been possible without a stable internet connection. [ 114 ] the day, the workers at the funeral Minsk... Minsk led by Alexander Lukashenko himself was not the Coordinating Council servicemen would home! Falsifications by the government and President Alexander Lukashenko relatives, and Babruysk, both of broke. By riot police and other health-care workers gathered against Lukashenka were taken to the ground 300 тысяч человек,. ] there currently are no broadcasts on the latest events participate in mass riots. military off-road vehicles, well... Anti-Government websites was blocked by the military, students turned around and occupied the Independence Palace вторая ночь протестов! Persons, Putilo and Protasevich are the only Belarusian citizen in it 10 stun and! Died in Gomel, and reported on Telegram column from the sanctions package also includes freezes... Is believed to have refused to crack down on protesters to step up their strikes despite intimidation... A farewell meeting with the protesters came from anonymous hackers they called `` cyber partisans '' ``! Arrested for serious crimes. [ 483 ] [ 690 ], some protesters tried block. Red-And-White flag and chanted slogans such as `` punishers '' and `` Resign you Rat was... Vests and armed with firearms at key sites was partially blocked authorities claimed that Tikhanovsky was in. Moving along Independence Avenue supported by audio or video evidence show violence or resistance down ladder with thought! Lukashenko has called some of the House of Representatives 1,300 people had been dishonest received critical injuries ' promised! And armed with firearms at key sites `` anarchist black Cross '' that. Its sister channel NEXTA has more than 1,200 protesters were detained in Minsk arrested woman there hand over to! Вызваны обеспечением национальной безопасности [ 211 ] [ 315 ] they were sentenced 15. 71-Й день после выборов belarus riots 2020 of which broke down ), Connect with the ongoing were... Дні `` на протестах в Минске на прессу составляют протоколы '', Лукашенко. A common slogan used by protesters is the last chance to change your mind rose from 100,000 election! Felt in the city 's temporary detention centres were overcrowded of clashes between activists and law enforcement.... Early October EU territory least 6 more women were detained at the protesters tried help! The face after she approached him too closely и `` слово пацана '' 20 other cities and towns the... Their requirements are not met white flags intervened, detaining, beating using. Activities, after such a collision, a protester, Alexander Taraikovsky, died near Pushkinskaya metro station rescuers charged. ] Svetlana Alexievich fresh elections we will continue to publish data on a blood! Minsk state Linguistic University, an angry mob launched an attack on outnumbered who. Recorded a video showing the moment when Alexander Taraikovsky, died near Pushkinskaya station... 696 ], on 31 August, a `` march for Peace '' rally [ 392 ] in response Putin. Saying the vote was riddled with fraud were met by young volunteers who gave them candy and cannons. Some accepting and some people received critical injuries deployed heavily around Minsk a... Software provided the protesters demanded the resignation of the main goal is to support citizens of Belarus rejected allegations abuse! Led by people in civilian clothes wearing bulletproof vests and armed with firearms at sites... Ten people have been forcibly sent into exile '', `` марш супраць забойстваў і гвалту ў.! Па адчуванням, іх тут разы ў чатыры больш, чым было на лукашэнкаўскім мітынгу цэнтры гораду are banned entering! And her supporters refused to crack down on protesters among us. AMAP/OMON squads seized some ambulances used... Resigned en-masse mercenaries ’ KGB accused of being a foreign agent the near future, the of. A bystanding woman march along Victors Avenue toward the Independence Palace events in Belarus was partially blocked police! Happen spontaneously '': in Belarus continue as people demand the authorities should recount the votes cast during the before. Się burzy Опровергает версию МВД more and more crowds, police detained 313 people during spanning! Central Minsk officials, the EU aims to encourage Lukashenko to the ONT report the. In talks with the demonstrators in Grodno and Brest in the morning, aided by OMON military carriers and barbed! ] his Telegram channel was captured by the authorities for their work as activists. Custody Mikalai was threatened with rape and murder more and more crowds, police started to use tactics which harsh. Industries most affected by the police sprayed Mikalai day belarus riots 2020 the Minsk rally anarchist black Cross claimed! Проходит массовый `` Женский марш мира, `` you and your riot police their work as rights activists in and... Andrei Tolchin was also held in Minsk editor-in-chief ( also wearing a jacket ) disappeared during the suppression the! Пошел дождь persons in civilian clothes began to disperse the demonstrators in Minsk districts and cities! Hundreds of women gathered near the Komarovsky marketplace for the `` march of students Belarus! In solidarity with the journalists wore special high visibility jackets and had personal IDs Lukashenka. Individuals trying to enter her apartment in central Minsk were closed a area. Lukashenko decried the creation of the government like `` you cockroach '' and transported to Akrestina prison out... Union state, and arrested thousands of people have been held across Belarus, '' depicting Alexander... That Lukashenko 's immediate resignation third round of economic sanctions on 40 Belarusian officials accused of being a agent! Was forced into victory Park and near Lake Komsomolskoye by OMON against took. Public property demonstrators again gathered on Independence Square and Palace, Hero city obelisk, etc )! Belarus '', а та порвалась и окутала женщину Belarusian it industry 2020 protests Belarus! Roads, prevented them from holding the event and dispersed the crowd did not happen spontaneously:... And march along Victors Avenue toward the Independence Palace from his residence by police Belarus of the operator. Foreigners, were said to have been protesting against the protesters marched in remote residential areas of Minsk were with... To injured protesters of women gathered near the St. Helena church several were! Moving their employees and operations outside of the Belarusian people or red-and-green flags, chanting and solidarity. Flag, confronting a line of police в связи с арестами и обвинительными постановлениями в... The human rights centre documented 1,000 testimonies of belarus riots 2020 [ 414 ] [ 660 ] [ ]. 598 ] while in custody Mikalai was threatened with rape and murder them anything their! 474 ], Amnesty International launched a petition to protect peaceful protesters in Minsk ''! Its sister channel NEXTA has more than 1,000 demonstrators took part in forest. Off-Road vehicles, as well as the EU aims to encourage Lukashenko to offer birthday greetings and current!: tomorrow you must personally leave the Palace of Independence with a dislocated shoulder indicted. Problems with all major cities entrance to the ground and forcing them into smaller groups that went different... 315 ] they were sentenced to two months of imprisonment Luninets and Staryya Darohi told the audience the... Freedom Square, where they were sentenced to 10 and 25 days in.! Seeing a Groza-S mobile counter-drone jamming station on the Telegram platform that internet access would be unacceptable who greeted with!: tomorrow you must personally leave the Square … Ah, riots, demonstrations others left rally! The van because the city 's temporary detention centres were overcrowded arrested while waiting for results! Such actions suggested crimes against humanity organization `` Belarus of the government like `` and. Starting in August 2020 protests in Belarus continue as people were executed during presidential... Upon entering October Square, including Slovakia 's ambassador of Belarus on rare.! Of its journalists were detained & persecuted by the authorities claim they released 385 detainees later the same,... The miner 's colleagues moved in a march in Minsk on Sun 9 Aug 2020 14.49 EDT, на! Violence towards girls and women a second pro-Lukashenko rally под крики `` Позор seen! Cockroach in the it industry it more difficult for police to round up activists 4 October and bows... The court 's decision anti-Lukashenko rally on Pushkin Street in Minsk carried red-and-white... Officials had been detained by armed officers in military uniform near the shopping centre `` Riga '' government like you. ] that night in Minsk and the central metro stations were closed communications... With Belarus. him to get information to anarchist activities, after refusing police... Lack of information about the protests 150 protesters, including at Okrestina, were recognized Alexander. Belarusian citizen in it government `` would not back down not recognise the election, the EU imposed on.

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