stevenbunn Fri, 07/01/2022 - 16:57

Shop Made Cam-clamps

When the latest Woodcraft catalog arrived, I sat in my chair and paged through it. There were a multitude of modern remakes of traditional tools, some nice, others ridiculous, but nothing that filled a real need and was worth the price. With one exception. Woodcraft is offering cam-clamps in three sizes. A very neat tool, but not one that really said "buy me." The smallest cost $26.00. Cam-clamps are the kind of tool which if you need one, you need a large number. Buying 20 or more of these clamps requires a serious out lay of cash. I have always been put off by prices for wood clamps (well tools in general), and have been making many of my own clamps for years. The cam-clamp looked simple to make, so I decided to make a few for the hell of it. I found a number of plans for making cam-clamps on line. But all cost money to down load. I remembered seeing something about cam-clamps in Fine Woodworking. Searching their archive of articles, I found two. Ads on ebay listed both, but it turned out only one was still available. I love ebay, but hate high shipping charges. So I held off ordering the copy available. On a whim, I decided to check my local library, because the latest of the two articles was only two years old. And, to my surprise, the library still had a copy of the Winter 2019 Tools & Shops issue 272. Even more amazing, the librarian gave me the issue so she wouldn't have to throw it out.

I made wooden jaws from european beech left over from an earlier project. Any dense hardwood would work equally well. Making the jaws ended up being relatively simple. I spent more time making a jig to safely hold the jaw stock so I could cut a slot in the jaw end grain for the aluminum bar, than it took to mill the slots on all the pieces. Cost per clamp comes to a little over $5.25. McMaster-Carr sells one foot lengths of 1/4 inch x 1 inch aluminum for about $4.95. Roll pins, 1/8 inch dia x 3/4 inch length, are sold in packages of 250. But each roll pin only costs about 5 and a half cents, and you only need five pins per clamp. I made six this past weekend and am currently milling out stock for another batch of clamps. Being cheap, I am still mulling making a few of these clamps with wooden bars so I can see how well the wooden bar stands up to the clamping force applied by the roll pins when the clamp is tightened.

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Thank you to Nathan Murphy for his article Shopmade Cam Clamps, Handy, light-duty clamps are quick to make, in Fine Woodworking Magazine 2019 Winter Issue 272

stevenbunn Sun, 06/12/2022 - 11:01

Carving a seat saddle for a miniature Windsor chair

I built a rotating jig that allows me to more effeciently carve a quarter scale seat blank using a gouge, and a palm plane. I am currently working on a batch of ten miniatures for a customer. One of my woodworking nieghbors, Mark Donovan, made the palm plane shown in the photograph, which I use which to carve out the seat. Thank you Mark!

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