stevenbunn Thu, 03/05/2015 - 07:40
A batch of miniature Windsor Chairs
Several years ago I had an article about my miniature chairs featured in Woodwork Magazine. To accompany the article I took photos of the entire process of constructing a miniature chair. Basically, the same as working on a full-sized chair except for the reduced scale. These are quarterscale versions of my Sack-back Windsor chair. I thought I would post a series of these pictures over the next few days.
In other news, Mark Donovan is bringing the carved parts of the communion table back tomorrow. Which means I need to get cracking on finishing that project. Mark is also carving the baptismal font. So I need to get some work-pieces together today, so he can take them back to his shop and start work carving them. The picture of the shop and snow pile, entered earlier in the blog, is out of date. The snow pile at the end of the drive is now so deep and so big that it has blocked one of the garage doors into the barn. There is nowhere to put snow anymore. I've got a meighbor with a tractor and bucket loader coming over this weekend to shift enough of the pile so that my wife can get her car out of the barn, and Greg has some place to push March's snow. Folks from away may not believe it, but in my experience the biggest snow falls of the year happen in March and April here in Maine. This is due to the flow of moister air moving up from the south at the start of Spring. I love winter in Maine, but can do without any more snow. But I know that's a vain hope. So I recite the old British infantryman's prayer, "For what we are about to receive, may the Lord God make us truly thankful." A wry jest in the face of doom. I hope everyone has a great day. Thank you for stopping by.