stevenbunn Fri, 02/27/2015 - 10:24
The inside face of the Movable Jaw
This image gives you a different view of the hole in the jaw for the bench screw. You can also see the 5/16 inch diameter stopped holes that hold the metal bar stock that form the guide bars of the vise. When I see this photo, and the next on in the series, which shows the stained weathered edge on one end of the stock, I think of Tim, my editor at American Woodworker Magazine. He might like everything about this photo. But, he would still send me back and have me do it over, even if it meant I had to make up a completely new jaw. The magazine's photograph standards did not allow saw burn marks and other defects in the finished article. These were distracting to the readers, and always led to letters of complaint to the magazine. Tim was always telling me that he loved image #33 of maybe fourty or more shots. But could I shoot the same image over, because, well there some tweaks to be done. So, apologies to Tim.