stevenbunn Mon, 10/02/2017 - 20:55
Diamond Light Doors on the Hand Plane Cabinet
This Spring and Summer have been incredibly busy, but there have been few things accomplished that warranted a blog entry.
Mark Batholomew filmed a short video about the shop, my business and myself which you may now view by clicking the link on my home page.
Popular Woodworking's August issue featured an article on constructing diamond light doors written by Phil Lowe. Several years ago I built a cabinet in which to store my expanding collection of molding planes.  When I built the case I made a serious error in not allowing for the width of the double door's bottom rails when laying out the spacing between the shelves. When I went to make doors for the case I quickly found out that the horizontal mullions would not line up with the shelves. Making a pair of standard divided light doors was no longer an option. I used the case to store my plans anyway, but always regreted my mistake.
Phil Lowe's article provided an elegant solution to an intractable problem, as well as allowing me to broaden my woodworking skills. The finished doors add a lot of character to the case.
Thanks for dropping by. STB