stevenbunn Sun, 03/26/2017 - 17:50
Tall-case clock in the house
A tall-case  clock built to Lonnie Bird's plans as published in Fine Woodworking
I built this clock-case five or six years ago. It sat in the shop taking up space, but also served as a great conversation starter with drop in clients. Still I needed to rearrange things in the shop. I finally asked Ann if she would mind if I brought the clock into the house? She said OK. I moved the clock in late January. At that time the hood door still wasn't painted I hadn't felt the need to finish painting the clock's hood door.The project was more about learning the construction do's and don't of clock case making. I finally got around to painting the door frame and installing glass after the paint dried. All in all a very nice project.
Thanks for dropping by. STB