stevenbunn Sun, 01/08/2017 - 10:58

An Early View of the Shop

The proud builder posing in front of the completed shop.
The exterior appearance of the shop is that of a storey and a half cape. The down side of the traditional cape roof's shallow over hang is that rain is easily blown in under the door when the wind is in the right 'wrong' direction. Hence the scrap piece of plywood leaning on the front wall behind me in the picture. I pulled the plywood up in front of the doors to help shed water dripping of the roof when I wasn't using the shop. Shortly after this photo was taken I added an enclosed entry bump out with double doors to the building.
The ship-lap siding was put on the summer following the one when we first put up the building. I spent the winter in between wiring the building and installing insulation. The windows were installed at the same time as the siding. The doors were a freebee from a chicken house a friend was tearing down.
The shop was built on a very small budget. Basically my Army Reserve summer camp earnings over three years. The site was cleared one summer. The concrete pad the second. The Gulf War intervened. I was called up but ended up not going overseas. The frame was raised in the summer of 1992. So this photo probably dates from 1993.
I formally hung out my shingle in May 1994, although I had been using the shop pretty much since it had been closed in and electricity connected.