stevenbunn Sat, 08/06/2016 - 13:31

A Shaker Chest of Drawers with Seven Drawers


The glued up frame and panel back for the chest of drawers drying.
A quick update on what's been going on in the shop recently. After building a new cabinet for the laundry sink, I turned to working on a Seven-Drawer Chest for my son's room. He moved back in last month. Apartment living in Portland was too expensive. And, with a year and a half of college left, he needed to save some money. Hello Mom and Dad! His old chest of drawers, once mine and a hand-me-down thru the generations was toast after being moved any number of times. Something new was called for.
Eons ago when I worked for Thos. Moser, I picked up a rejected carcase for a Moser pattern 7-drawer chest. There was a repaired crack in one of the case sides. Repaired but not really sellable, so it was put up for sale to the employees. I bought it. Brought it home. Moved it into the attic of my shop, anf let it sit for around twenty-five years. Exact dates are sketchy. I was about to go looking for an antique chest to fit my son's room when I remembered the carcase lurking in the attic. The partially assembled carcase consisted of a dovetailed top and sides, with a bottom fitted into machine cut dados. I spent part of last week making pegged mortise and tenoned drawer dividers, and installing them. This week, I constructed a frame and panel back for the chest. The case back is pictured above. STB