stevenbunn Sun, 06/05/2016 - 09:38

Stuff Going on in the Shop


With the latest chair finished I have turned my focus to the next thing. The problem is that there are so many 'things' on my agenda that focusing on any one is difficult. I have once again returned to my effort to write a book about building Windsor chairs. This is either my third or fourth start. Previous attempts were stymed by uninterested publishers. Editors who told me I had three books attempting to fit into one. Another time I found out that Ed Churchill, of the Maine State Museum, was researching the history of Windsor chairs in Maine. The same subject I had started work on, ad-nausium-cetera. I have finally decided to concentrate on a single subject, building a Tracy Sack-back. I have come up with a list of the photographs needed to document the construction process. Think of the layout of Jim Rendi's book Traditional Windsor Chair Making, with Jim Rendi, published in 1993. I intend to photograph the step by step process of creating a Tracy Sack-back. The draft photo list now stretches to over 400 images. I know once I really get started that this number will go up. The photographs showing me carving of making a Tracy carved knuckle hand rest, posted over the last two months on this blog, were a trial effort. In the evenings I am writing draft captions and text for the book. Good luck finding a publisher!

In the mean time, I have two Tracy Sack-backs started, plus several small repairs of other antiques brought to me by long time customers. I hate repair work and usually point folks inquiring about repairs to several of my friends who specialize in that line of work. It is hard to refuse people who have come back time and again and asked me to build another piece of furniture for them. Spring/Summer has finally broken out in Maine. This means black flies, brown tailed moth catipillars (think little bags of sulfuric acid) and lots of lawn mowing. All cut into time in the shop. And, when I get there which way do I turn. I forgot to mention the ninteen plane bodies sitting on the bench, eyeing me accusingly for ignoring them the last few months.

I have to satisfy myself with getting something, anything accomplished. Other than that everything is fine...

Thanks for dropping by. STB