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Make a Tracy Hand-Rest (Cont'd)


The arm bow and completed hand-rest set back on the arm-post.

This is a perfectly acceptable hand-rest as a one-off effort. But, as I said earlier, checking a photograph of an original Tracy rest against what I created here, revealed that the webs between the knuckles need to be deeper. Deepening the webs also reduces the center knuckle's apparent width, another thing that the photo showed. I will post another 'final' shot after I sand the re-worked rests.

The eighteen photographs published in this series of blog posts are a trial run for a chapter in a book describing the construction of an Ebenezer Tracy Sack-back Windsor chair. The problem with these images is that first, they are all static. After all, I couldn't use a camera at the same time that I was carving. This means that some information, visible in a picture but not easily explained verbally was lost. Second, the pictures show the hand-rest fitted to a different chair than the Tracy Sack-back. A Tracy arm-post is different than the one seen in these pictures. Which means I can't use several of these pictures, even though they are OK in other respects. The Staples box in the back ground of the last picture would drive Tim to distraction. The book I am working on will have over 500 pictures. I have been working on a Photo List of all the pictures I need. And, if my experience with publishing an article for a magazine is any guide, I will add many more to the list as I work through the steps of building a Tracy Sack-back.

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