stevenbunn Sat, 05/07/2016 - 09:29


Make a Tracy Hand-rest (Cont'd)


Use the small gouge to carve back to the stop. Cut deeper as you cut toward the stop. Make a second, or even a third pass with the chisel, cutting deeper each time.
A quick note. I said in an earlier post that sanding the hand-rests never stops. Boy was I right. The Sack-back is done and ready to be painted. This week I was looking again through Nancy Evans book on Windsor chairs. A close up photo of a Tracy Carved-Knuckle hand-rest caught my eye. The depth of the webs between the knuckles appeared deeper in that picture than the ones on the Sack-back. So Friday morning I found myself back in the shop, working madly with a rasp to deepen the webs. Of course this means more sanding today.
Thanks for dropping by. STB