stevenbunn Sat, 04/16/2016 - 18:58

Tracy Carved Knuckle Hand-rest (Cont'd)


Back in March I started posting a series of pictures showing the creation of a pair of Tracy pattern carved knuckle hand-rests. I set that series aside while I completed two chairs, and instead posted a number of photos taken when I built a second Shaker work-bench. With those chairs delivered, I am now working to complete one of my large Sack-backs. This chair has hand-rests based on those of Ebeneezer Tracy. As I work on the hand-rests I will continue to post photos of my progress.

The arm bow drilled and fitted to the chair's arm-post.
This picture compresses several steps required to fit the arm bow to the partially assembled chair.
1. A 5/8 inch diameter round thru mortise must be drilled in each hand-rest blank. This chair requires a mortise drilled at 15 degrees to the side and 17 degress to the rear to fit the angles of the arm-post in the seat.
2. I use a tapered reamer to widen the mortise on the blank's underside to help the arm rest fit the curve of the arm-post baluster as it settles in at the height above the seat that I want.
3. As I trial fit both rests, I pare down the tenon and the upper end of arm-post balusters as needed, using a small carving knife. Lots of on and off trial fitting to get everything right.
The hand-rest pattern was drawn on the glued up arm bow earlier. I leave the glued up blank uncut until after I drill the thru mortise. The extra width and length gives me more meat to clamp on too when drilling the mortises.