stevenbunn Sun, 04/10/2016 - 09:20

Just Thinking Out Loud...


Saturday, the mole stuck his nose out of the burrow and traveled to Concord, MA to deliver two chairs. An enjoyable trip all in all. I downloaded written directions from Mapquest. But, I much prefer a real map. The phrase "Maple Street becomes Brook Street" isn't really helpful when you are in the middle of a state forest and the roads are the size of goat paths. Road signs? Good luck with that! I guess the locals still want to confuse the British. After an inadvertant tour of the state forest, I found River Road and all was saved. River Road becomes Monument Street, leading directly to the National Park in the center of Concord. The park is beautiful but I didn't hang around. The trip home to Maine was smoother since I was wise to all the wromg turns made on the trip down.


At home a severe case of the lazies struck. I put my feet up an watched the Masters. Watching the players, I was thinking how lucky these golfers were to be doing something which to me is a hobby. The lucky bastards are playing a game and getting incredible amounts of money and attention. My thoughts, yes even moles have the occassional thought, drifted to "what if sports commentators breathlessly commented on, well, how about woodworking?


Brent: Well Bob, this upcoming rabbet is a tough one.


Bob: You're right Brent. Steve has been working with his push stick coach all week on his new grip. I think its coming together, but this cut is a real challenge!


Brent: Steve steps to the tablesaw. (In the background the crowd hushes.)


I could go on with the fantasy. You can easily string a bunch of sport cliches together and keep this going for quite a while. For someone who works by himself in a woodshop, praise and public attention are rare things.


The Masters starts at 2 PM. But she-who-must-be-obeyed wants to go shopping for a laundry sink this afternoon. Oh Well...


Have a great day. Thanks for stopping by. STB