stevenbunn Thu, 04/07/2016 - 17:18

Build a Shaker Work Bench


Finish Installing the Tailvise


Think you're done? Noooooo! Flip the top over to install the guide rail, cross bar, and associated cleats that limit the side to side movement of the guide rail as it opens and closes.
This is where things get complicated. The body of the tailvise is held on the bench by the front jaw tongue and the bench screw threaded through the right end cap. As the vise is opened and closed the vise can still wobble wildly. To hold the vise against the front of the bench top, a guide bar running under the top in mortised into the rear jaw. The guide bar passes through a square hole cut in the end cap. The bar runs parrellel with the body of the vise, and is held square to the vise by a cross bar. The whole assembly can still wobble a little so cleats are screwed on both sides of the guide bar to limit it's side to side play. A rail screwed to the front of the bench supports the front jaw's tongue. You can see the support rail extending past the side of the base at the lower left of the picture.This support rail must be unscrewed from the bench temporarily so that it doesn't interfer with the tailvise cross bar when rolling the top over.