stevenbunn Sun, 01/17/2016 - 14:53
The completed head stock with belt driven spindle and  2MT spur center
The hardest component of the spindle assembly to locate was the 1-inch inner bore four step pulley. No one seems to be making them today. McMaster-Carr and Amazon only show pulleys of 5/8 and 3/4 inch diameter inner bore. I was lucky to find a one inch bore pulley on ebay, and paid the 'buy it now' price without complaining. The one inch diameter tubing, tolerence of plus or minus .0005 inch had to be filed down some on the lathe (the other lathe) until the pipe slid into the flange bearings properly. If I were advising someone else making a Carlilse Lynch lathe, I would recommend using 3/4 inch OD steel tubing. This diameter is sufficient to drill a MT seat for number 1 MT centers. And, the pulley and other components will be a little less expensive.
I am completing a steady rest to fit the new lathe. I will post photos as I am able. With the lathe up and running, I have three chairs to get started on. Thank you for stopping by today.


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